Booking Events


If you're a resident at Antrim Glen, you can book events for your group or club and they'll appear on the calendar, provided the venue is available.

Three Easy Steps

1. Check the calendar to see if the time and place is available.

2. Fill out the form below to request space. This form goes to the scheduler who will let you know ASAP if your event can be accommodated. A copy also goes to the webmaster as an FYI. 

3. Send more information about the event to the webmaster in a separate email. The webmaster will prepare an email blast for Antrim Glen residents.

Need a budget worksheet for your event? Click for a PDF  copy or visit this page for an Excel spreadsheet.

Please note: if you prepare a poster for your group's event, it can be displayed on the bulletin board in the mailroom, and included as an attachment in the email blast to all residents. 

Book a community or club event