About Renting the Glen


The Glen Hall can be rented for private events if it is available. Any resident renting the Glen or organizing an event there must be a member of the AGHA.

The Glen is also offered to all Antrim Glen residents for bereavement gatherings. There is no charge for this.

Room capacity varies with the event:

Chairs Only: 180 People
Chairs & Tables: 228 People
Occasional Permit: 197 People

A service kitchen for reheating is available (no cooking facility). The renter is expected to clean up after the event, including garbage disposal.


Except for bereavement gatherings, there is a rental fee of $150 and a security deposit of $200. A cheque made payable to the Antrim Glen Homeowners Association in the amount of $350 is required to secure a booking.

Please download and read the important Rental Guidelines - The Glen Hall.


This agreement covers The Glen (main floor, kitchen, and washrooms). Areas outside, the pool and downstairs facilities are NOT available for rent.

By completing this form, I acknowledge that:

  1. I have checked the Events Calendar to ensure the requested date and time is available.
  2. I have read and agree to the information provided in the document, Rental Guidelines - The Glen Hall.
  3. I will forward a cheque dated today, in the amount of $350 and made payable to Antrim Glen Homeowners Association. This amount comprises a $150 rental fee and a $200 security deposit. 
  4. I have submitted proof of 3rd party liability Insurance and agree to be responsible for any injury or death of any attendees. I indemnify and save harmless the AGHA from all liability resulting from any claims, actions or proceedings in respect of any such liabilities.
  5. I agree to conform to all applicable Municipal, Provincial and Federal laws.
  6. I agree to meet with a member of the AGHA Assets Management Committee before and after my event to ensure I understand my responsibilities, and to confirm that my Security Deposit of $200 will be returned.
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