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If you're not a member of the Antrim Glen Homeowners' Association (AGHA), you're limited to these pages:

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To access the full website, you must join the AGHA - fees are just $6.00 a year per person.  Please contact Gayle Foley, Director of Membership,



If you are a member of the Homeowners' Association...

Please register on your first visit to the site.  You create your own user name and password - it is not the same user name as the old website.   Click here to register.


Once you've registered, if you've forgotten your password, no problem -- just click Forgot Password on the log in sidebar:


If you've forgotten your user name, please contact the

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Where do I get my user name to sign in?

You select your own user name and password on the registration form. If you've  forgotten your password after registering, simply click Forgot Password and a new one will be automatically emailed to you right away. 


2. I want to change my user name... how do I do that?

Unfortunately you can't change your user name.  You can however change your password. Plus, when the new directory is completed shortly, you will be able to upload a profile picture and change some other things about your profile - such as telephone number or address.


3.  I forgot my user name.  Can you send me a new one?

No - you can't get a new user name.  However can email you your existing user name. As this is done manually, please allow some time for your request.


 4.  I forgot my password.

Just click on the sidebar where it says Forgot Password. A new one will be sent automatically.



5.  How do I change my password?

After you log in, you'll see your name on the top right of the page... "Howdy, (your user name) Just click there and you will see an option to change your password.


change password 2


6.  Is my sign-in the same as it was before?

No - on the new site, you choose you own user name and password.  You can update your password as shown above and if you forget it, just click Forgot Password near the sign-in area and an automatic message will be emailed to you right away to help you reset your password.


7. How do I print the directory?

At the top of the Member Directory page, you'll see a link that says Click for a printable directory.  Click that link and you'll see a PDF copy of the directory to print or simply save on your computer.


8. Where are the online forms?

Forms and documents are now with the subject that they reference.  For example, Board Notes are on the page Your Board.  And if you can't find what you're looking for, try the search box on nearly every page, or the site map here.


9.  Where is the page for documents?

Like forms, documents are with the pages they reference.  For example if you are looking for the rental agreement for the Glen, check the page About the Glen.


10.  How do I submit my poster for an event?

Good news - you no longer need to prepare a poster and send it to the webmaster to be posted online as a Word document or PDF in order to publicize your event.

Because the new website is calendar-driven, we’ve had a series of iconic photos with headlines professionally prepared, to depict all events and activities at Antrim Glen. These pictures are part of the calendar and part of the details.  They are consistent, clean and fresh, and fun.

You’re welcome of course, to put your own poster on the bulletin board, or if you wish, the webmaster can send you the iconic photo for your event, or use your own visuals.


11.  Where are Board meeting notes?

You'll find Board meeting notes back to January 2011 on the page Your Board.


12.  I want to view the calendar a week at a time. How do I do that?

At the top right of the calendar you'll see a box that says View As. There, you can select view by day, week, month or as a list.


13. How do I print the calendar?

Simply choose print from the very top of your screen -  depending on what browser you're using (Explorer, Firefox, etc.) it may look a little different but it all works the same.... Select print and when the 'print dialogue' comes  up:



... you'll see a tiny preview of the calendar.  To make it all fit into one page, change the scaling option.  We're working on a fix so that you don't have to print the website header at the same time.


14.  What are the notes on the calendar about google calendar and iCalendar?

If you use either calendar format -- google or you have a MAC -- you simply click to download the selected event to your own calendar.


15. Where would I post a classified ad?

In the Buy/Sell Forum here. 


16. I want to share thanks to the special events committee... where would I do that?

The Event Updates Forum is a good place to do that.


17. Do I still use the Cogeco email address for the glennetwebmaster ?

No - please remove this from your list of email addresses.  The new contact info for the webmaster (Ed Scarlett) is


18.  Where is the Pet Owners' Association page?

Unfortunately the POA has disbanded at this time.


19.  I don't see the Pet Directory - is it gone?

It's gone for now... if enough members would like to see it again, we can add something similar to the new site.

20.  Is there a page that lists all the content on the website?

Yes - please click