parkbridge logoAntrim Glen is managed by Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities, Inc., Canada's leading owner, operator and developer of residential land lease communities, recreational resorts and marinas.

Established in 1998, Parkbridge's portfolio has grown significantly from two original properties with 650 sites.  In early 2013, the company surpassed the milestone of 100 properties with over 27,500 operational and potential expansion sites.

They operate across the country with four main types of housing:

  • Retirement Lifestyle Communities
  • Family Lifestyle Communities
  • Cottage and RV Resorts
  • Marinas

Parkbridge office in Antrim Glen

  • call  905.659.2050  •  fax  905.659.3516
  • toll free  1.800.856.4318

Paul Davies, Regional Manager,

Deb Waller, Administrative Assistant,  

Parkbridge News & Updates 

Reminders for residents new and old

For those who have recently moved into the Community we welcome you and just want to highlight some of the rules and regulations as found in your Parkbridge lease.  

Security card access only to The Glen

  • The Glen Entrance Doors Are To Remain Locked 
  • Please Do Not Prop Open Door Or Provide Access to Non-Residents
  • Real estate Agents & Visitors to Obtain Access via Parkbridge Office

Speed Limit

As you are aware, the posted speed limit in the Community is 25 km.  Although there is technically only one sign posted at the entrance to the Community, this speed limit applies to all areas of the Community.  We tend to get a little happy-go-lucky and sometimes ignore the sign(s) that are posted.  There are neighbours out walking and grandchildren visiting, so we need to all remember to slow down and take care. 

Parking on the Roadways

Parking is not permitted on any of the roads in the Community any time of the day or night.  In the past Parkbridge has allowed people who own RVs to park their mobile homes on the roads overnight when loading and unloading.  However due to the increase in traffic in our community, Parkbridge has now asked that this not happen in the future. Parkbridge has advised that all RVs may be brought up to your home to load/unload but must be parked overnight either behind The Glen or in the RV parking area.

Resale Procedures as of November 2015

Did you know there are specific guidelines to follow if you sell your home here in Antrim Glen?

Please click to read more from Parkbridge about the procedures to be followed.

Water Conservation Guidelines

Please click to read July 14, 2016 Water Conservation Guidelines from Parkbridge.

Community Pet Announcement

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Parkbridge Bulletin - Incident Report

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Telephone Scam Announcement

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Salt & Lawn Cutting Announcement

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Snow Removal Guidelines 2017-18

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Final Lawn Cut & Salt Bucket Announcement

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Clubhouse Floor Re-Waxing

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